Vegan In Rome - Summer 2017 Abroad Restaurant Review

          Écru Art Gallery & Raw Food


          With the first two weeks in Roma being celebrated by indulging in all (vegan) things pizza and pasta related, yesterday I felt like I could physically hear my stomach begging to digest something green. Fate be it, a wrong turn on my way to class lead me to the home of all things raw, organic, and green, Écru Art Gallery & Raw Food. The entrance and interior filled with unique art pieces, books, and beautiful plants of all varieties and sizes made the sounds of whooshing buses and cyclists flying by the only reminder that I was still in the heart of Rome’s historical centre. As both a tourist and student abroad, saving money by selecting lunch specials has become a necessary yet enjoyable task. At Ècru, the 10€ lunch special, which includes the choice of a sandwich, crackers with cream, an expresso, and a filtered water, does just the trick. As a starter, the tzatziki with cashew yogurt and almond crackers to dip in was even better than it sounded. The perfect amount of dill and lemon juice provided a fresh taste and the nuttiness of the almond cracker fused perfectly. Then was the caper cream, avocado, caramelized red onions, and salad sandwich on homemade raw bread. The creamy spread of the caper sauce and avocado paired with the sweetness of the caramelized onions made for a simple yet savory dish, especially when placed between the grainy texture of two homemade pieces of raw bread. So, whether you’re a raw vegan organic health food guru, or you’re just looking for some extra fiber in your meal, be sure to check out Écru Art Gallery & Raw Foods @ Via Acciaioli, 13!






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