Earth Day - it's yo birthday 2017


          Earth Day for planet-lovers in Boulder, Colorado is like 4/20 for plant-lovers, both coincidentally happening in the same week. Trying to decide exactly how to celebrate the day and our beautiful planet was difficult to say the least. There were events and celebrations taking place all over. I decided to start my day at the Boulder County farmer’s market where I got my face painted by a lovely woman named Claire. Before starting, she asked me what three words I would like to be described as. I chose “friendly, flowing, and calm” and was gifted with some beautiful and sparkly blue and green face paint.

          I then headed to my favorite dessert vendors Daydream Desserts to say hi and stock up on some of their delicious energy balls.As the sun started to break through the clouds and the day started to warm, I began my walk towards home. There was no way I could pass up stopping at Alfalfa’s 6th annual b’Earthday Party!

          My favorite grocery store was full of free samples, activities and good vibrations all around (what more could a food blogger ask for). I had the opportunity to meet so many great vendors, even some with products I had never seen or tried before.

          I sampled Hanuman’s Ayurvedic vegan chais, Teakoe’s flavorful iced teas, The Good Jar’s savory pickles, Ozo’s delicately brewed coffees, every single sauce the Honest Stand had (twice), and many more! I was nothing short of impressed by the vegan options present. Before leaving (and trust me, it took a while) I stopped at the Flatiron Press printing booth. I had a near heart attack at the various vegetable prints they were offering. I couldn’t pass up on a beet t-shirt.


          I finally got home and ready to go plant trees up at Sunshine Canyon. I put away my goodies from Alfalfas and hopped in the car. I’m not sure if it was the caffeine, the weather, the fact that I was already having a great day, or what, but I felt truly connect. I felt grateful for the experiences and opportunities this planet has provided for me.

          I couldn’t wait to be with other people who also felt this appreciation and the desire to give back.

        After parking, I grabbed a shovel and a bag of about 20 saplings and descended the canyon. Unable to reach my co-worker who was also planting and helped raise money for the trees, I followed some random people for a while. I knew that eventually the day would unite us. After hiking a bit, I picked a spot to settle down and plant. About 10 minutes after this, I saw my co-worker coming down the canyon not far from me. I yelled her name (which she didn’t hear at first since music was blasting from her fanny pack) and wished her a happy earth day. She told me that she was coming back down this way to look for her red machete that she misplaced. After an unsuccessful search we connected with her friends who were still planting as well. I shared my daydream dessert energy balls with them, which truly gave us the energy to continue planting until past 3 pm.

After climbing back up the canyon and drinking some sparkling Bhatki yerba mates, we celebrated our successes (one couple planting a total of 56 trees!) with some vegan burritos. It turned out that the coordinator of the event is in fact vegan and had whole foods cater all-vegan burritos. The man even went back into his house to bring us local hot sauce and chat about living on the canyon and the day. After group pictures and hugs I drove down the canyon feeling more at peace than I have in a long, long time. The day only reinforced my belief that you get back what you put out into the world and that there is no better feeling than being surrounded by kind-hearted human beings.






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