Where It All Began...

          Reflecting on the fact that Marguerite and I turn twenty-one this year brings up the question “where the heck does time go?" This year has easily been the busiest of my life with the days melting into weeks, creating the feeling that if I don’t slow down every once in a while I might wake up and be 30. Not so good because I would miss my 21st birthday, which just so happens to be my first birthday as a vegan.


          In the spirit (and current time allowance) for reflection, let’s tackle that question that many ask when you tell them you’re vegan, why did you make the change? As with many of the big decisions I’ve made (i.e. go to school in Colorado), it’s kind of a long story. Not too long though, I promise.


          It starts out with sophomore year Rebecca, fresh out of the dorms, having her first kitchen. I shared it with awesome roommates, but still essentially my own. As college students typically are, I was a bit unprepared for this. Lack of time and skill prevented me from making the meals I had enjoyed at home and I no longer had a meal plan for the on-campus dining hall. So I kinda wung it. I tried to eat healthy. Lots of oatmeal, eggy bread, zucchini pizza bites. Honestly it’s kind of hard for me to remember what exactly I was eating. Peanut butter definitely, jars and jars of peanut butter.


          Anywho, I realized that I wasn’t eating meat because I had no desire to cook it. Honestly, cooking it kind of grossed me out. It’s slimy and can make you sick if you don’t cook and store it correctly, why did I not think about this years earlier, I’m not sure.


         Most likely because eating meat had been ingrained into my diet for as long as I could remember. I was vegetarian for a bit at one point in my life but it didn’t stick. My parents own a restaurant. My dad is the head chef so both my mom and dad are amazing cooks. While I had been eating delicious meals all my life that kept me alive and full of veggies, I had also been eating meat. I had been desensitized to the fact that the dead body of an animal was in fact on my plate.


          Flash forward to nineteen-year-old me, I was pretty much only eating meat if I went out. Having meat prepared for oneself is pretty much the easiest way to avoid seeing the way meat gets to one’s plate, which as we all know is a process filled with unnecessary violence, murder, and environmental destruction.


          AND THEN CAME THE FACEBOOK ARTICLES. Which reminds me that I currently have 18 unopened saved articles to read (hello Spring Break). Single handedly the worst and greatest thing that ever happened to Facebook, these articles slowly but surely contributed to my vegetarian awakening.


          Reading things about the RIDICULOUS amount of water needed to make a single burger just did not resonate well with environmentalist Rebecca. And so I added vegetarian to the list of many things that I am. It felt good. There were slips. I ate chicken with my mom in Las Vegas at an organic Mexican restaurant. The experience only proved our digestive systems are not made for meat. I never ate chicken again.


         Thinking back to this time is funny because I remember so well saying at one point, “I’ll never be vegan”. Then one month later, guess who goes vegan? Me. Those Facebook articles and unavoidable facts just got me. I realized I was not living my life in line with my values. If I continued to live the way I was, then my values we’re not really my values and that sounded like the beginning of an identity crisis.


          While I was hooked on the environmental reasons for veganism, Marguerite was learning about the health benefits and wow. A truth that resonates more than ever before comes to mind when I think about health and that is the fact that no one wants to die. Humans don’t want to die. Cows don’t want to die. Chickens don’t want to die. I certainly don’t want to die and when I do, because it’s inevitable, I sure as hell don’t want it to be from red meat that gave me cancer when I could have passed quietly in my sleep surrounded by all the cute farm animals I didn’t pay someone else to kill.


          Just as we were learning all this information, FoodNotFuckboys came into the hands of Marguerite, who asked for the handle created by Kaela, our younger (also vegan and incredible in so many ways) sister. I asked if I could also post to it to which Marguerite responded with an enthusiastic yes. And here we are, two happy and blessed beyond words vegans that just want you to be informed as well feelin’ good.


What has fueled us to continue posting and eating a plant-based diet?

  1. Learning about the crazy, wrong injustices happening in the world to other people, animals, and the environment

  2. The fact that we feel FREAKING FANTASTIC (the energy man - almost makes you wonder if you really need sleep)

  3. We like to share. It’s a twin thing. We’ve spent our whole lives sharing. Why not use our love of sharing to share information that will change the lives of others, just has it has changed our lives?

  4. FOOD. Food is amazing. Food is medicine. Food brings others together. Food. Food. Food. (never fuckboys)










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