Ivy League Vegan Conference 2017 – Harvard University

          Reflecting back on the past 3 days while on the bus to Burlington has been a great mix of trying to compartmentalize all the information I just received and digest all the Veggie Galaxy I consumed last night. I went to this event to find answers and validation in my current lifestyle choices. What I got was so much more. Documentary previews, discussion panels, and difficult topics all included. The feeling of togetherness was palpable from the second I entered the conference room, eager to hear Gidon Eshel speak to quantifying geographical consequences of agriculture and an environmentally and nutritionally optimized diet, to when I left, 10 Tofurkey coupons in hand, full to capacity of Fomu. All in all this weekend has left me with an even greater sense of appreciation for my inclusion in this compassionate community. 

          At 9:00 pm Thursday night, two days after I promised myself I would figure out how I was going to get to Boston for the weekend, I concluded my only option to be the 2:55am Grayhound bus that arrived in South Station in Boston at 7:30 am. Cue Marge in full-send mode. I dipped from the Davis Center as fast as I could, power walked home, packed my bags, and hopped on the bus to the airport where the Grayhound bus would pick me up in 4 hours. I was excited. Traveling is one of the few things that has remained a source of comfort in all of life's chaos. I always know that when I come back to where I began, something will be different. I had a feeling that this time that difference would be good.

          Next thing I knew it was 7am and the bus was breaking and then hitting the gas on and off so hard I was knocked from my horizontal position on the leather bus seat to the floor. Good morning and hello Boston! Over the course of the next 72 hours I would hear from over 30 different speakers including scholars and professionals in biosciences, humanities, climatology, policy, bioethics, business, and finance. 




















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