People of the Boulder & Burlington Farmers' Markets (10/15)


          (1/2) Humans of the Burlington & Boulder Farmers Market's 10/15. This weekend Rebecca and I decided to start a new FNFBYS's traditional Saturday post. The humansofny account has inspired us to look into the lives of those around us that share similar passions for creating, cooking, and community. After talking about it for a while yesterday we both woke up early, went downtown to our local farmer's markets, and interviewed one of our favorite vendors who we've had the opportunity to talk to (and eat and drink with of course) over the past few weekends. This is mother and son, Naza (right) and Efe (left). Naza moved to Burlington from Istanbul while Efe was in graduate school. She had been a fashion designer for 30 years but decided she wanted to do something different, so she started cooking and that is where Anatolia began. In 2006 Anatolia started as a wholesale company and has now had a commercial kitchen space for almost 2 years, just recently starting to do takeout. Efe said that currently their biggest clientele are Burlington natives who love Mediterranean and Turkish dishes made from fresh ingredients. He said this that is exactly what he loves so much about Burlington; how a community can be interested in both better eating and unique food made from authentic family recipes. The falafel wrap and gluten-free vegan spinach cakes are absolutely to DIE for. If I close my eyes I'm back in Turkey enjoying undoubtable the best food i've had in my entire life. If you are in the Burly area, is where it is at! Or like me you can catch them at the outdoor farmer's market every Saturday.


          (2/2) This Saturday I got the chance to chat with the good people of my favorite kombucha, Rowdy Mermaid Kombucha. Since we’re all about being rowdy and definitely mermaids, I decided to get a better idea of what exactly kombucha is, besides the fact that it tastes amazing and is bubbly. Basically, what I found out is that kombucha is fermented tea. Rowdy Mermaid’s kombucha is brewed locally, in Boulder. It was inspired by the pristine landscape of Colorado (which, if you’ve been to Colorado and tried Rowdy Mermaid, just makes sense). They’ve even got a tasting room, which I’ll have to visit for the inside scoop on the kombucha making process. On that fine Saturday morning, I had the pleasure of trying the coconut coffee, savory beach, and smoky badger. All were great, but I must say the savory beach really did it for me (and was fitting for the 80 degree weather and sunshine we were experiencing). What a great day to both drink and embrace (being a) rowdy mermaid.

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